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Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Pay per Click is a marketing method where advertisers only pay for the visitors they receive. The attraction is simple, if you don’t receive visitors you don’t pay for the ad. Theta Marketing is a Search Engine Marketing company that specializes in PPC management. We develop campaigns to run within your budget and generate a return on investment as quickly as possible.

The PPC Management Service

PPC Management with Theta Marketing will take your campaign from developing objectives through to launch and reporting. Our aim is to create a successful PPC campaign while ensuring that the results tie in with your business objectives.

PPC Management Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms that we think your visitors might use to search for your service on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Using keyword research tools, we develop a set of keywords to match your objectives. Your needs may change regularly and our keyword research is ongoing to accommodate this. Some campaigns will have only a few keywords, others will have hundreds. Once your keywords have been developed, the Theta Marketing PPC Management service will then create the ads for these.

PPC Ad Copy

When developing ad copy we aim to develop ads which not only distinguish our clients from their rivals but also filter out unwanted visitors. Our aim is to qualify visitors before they visit, meaning our clients only pay for visitors that have a genuine interest. As with keywords, ad optimization is also an ongoing process. For example, clients may want seasonal ads or different ads on different days of the week.

PPC Management with Client Input

Throughout the PPC management process we continually consult with our clients on a range of matters, from understanding initial objectives to reporting on monthly results. Working with Theta Marketing’s PPC management team will ensure that you get a weekly stats report on PPC activity and ongoing campaign optimization. Clients also have the freedom to request changes to their campaigns at any time.

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